Valentino Spring Romance

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My Spring Summer 16 Picks

Hey Gals,

Spring is finally here and before we know it will well and truly be Summer!
So, here is some light S/S styling I’ve put together for you.

The embellished lace up is one you’ll definitely want in your wardrobe.
This can be perfectly styled with your denim with an off the shoulder top.
Rollie “Derby” Valentino


The Hero Mule can be worn with absolutely everything and this trend
is coming in hot and fast! I have styled it with a gorgeous summer dress by Zara
with a pastel pink velvet choker also tying back in with these cute sense mules
Senso “Ray”


The platform sandal making a come back and giving us all 70’s vibes.
This shoe can be styled with almost anything but, one of my favourites
would be with wide legged pants or culottes
Diavolina “Montana”


The fashionable mule can be styled many different ways but,
I have put them together with a mix of Sheer lace dress thrown
together with a edgy biker jacket and leather wrap around choker.
Its a cross between good girl x bad girl.
Pepol “26866”


The everyday sandal that can be worn with a summer dress,
tulle skirt, cigarette pant or flares. These sandals are a must have
and I have styled them with a sparkly tulle skirt with a cropped knit.
The versatility of these are endless.
Pepol “28287”


All footwear featured in this post is from Zomp Shoez

Australis Metallix Collection

Hi Chicks,
If you’re following from my previous post then.. I heart you
& if you’re not then you should probably check it out as it does link with this one
These Australis Metallix & AC Gems are a super creamy glitter/shimmer.
The texture is totally not what you’d expect it to be, it is almost mousse like
and its really soft so make sure you don’t go in with a heavy hand!
You can do a light layer and get a touch of glitter or you can actually
build them up to the exact colour thats in the pot!

This is another one of those hidden gems that I think people don’t know about
but if you like glitter then you have to try it!
Jay Zed, Guns and Rose Petals, Plum Diddy, Jaded
This is one swipe into the glitter pots and this is how pigmented they are!
If you get on the bandwagon please tell me what you think.

Australis Velour Lips Update

Hi Chicks,

If you have been following me for a while you would know I Love Australis Velourlips
I popped into Priceline the other week and didn’t even know that their new colours 
had already dropped…and of course I got some.

IMG_5424 IMG_5425
To-paz or not to-paz is a beautiful deep purple/blue.
I’m not too sure how often I will wear this but, then I panicked and
thought what if its limited edition…what if they never re-stock it!
ha-ha FOMO!
Quartz and all is a grey/taupe with a slight purple tinge.
This one is definitely more wearable and I’m looking forward to using it
_DSC3998 IMG_0084
The two lip swatches side by side. If you’re looking for an affordable matte liquid lipstick
you have to try these! My two favourites are Pa-Ree (perfect nude) and NY-Cee (classic red)