Australis Metallix Collection

Hi Chicks,
If you’re following from my previous post then.. I heart you
& if you’re not then you should probably check it out as it does link with this one
These Australis Metallix & AC Gems are a super creamy glitter/shimmer.
The texture is totally not what you’d expect it to be, it is almost mousse like
and its really soft so make sure you don’t go in with a heavy hand!
You can do a light layer and get a touchΒ of glitter or you can actually
build them up to the exact colour thats in the pot!

This is another one of those hidden gems that I think people don’t know about
but if you like glitter then you have to try it!
Jay Zed, Guns and Rose Petals, Plum Diddy, Jaded
This is one swipe into the glitter pots and this is how pigmented they are!
If you get on the bandwagon please tell me what you think.


2 thoughts on “Australis Metallix Collection

  1. I have one of these… Love the concept, but they do crease if you apply a more than a thin layer over the eyelid…so it’s hard to have the level of pigmentation expected from the pot. I think it could work as an eye-liner though


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