#motd 2: Ombre Lip







Products used
Base coat with Maybelline Babylips Lip Balm
Illamasqua “isis”
Mac “Diva”
Franche Intense Lip Treatment in “Nite Lite”

Step 1: apply babylips lip balm generously on lips (I would recommend you
use sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips prior if you have dry flakey lips)

Step 2: apply a nude lipliner if you know your darker choice of lipstick bleeds (optional)

Step 3: apply darker choice of lipstick on the outer edge of your lips
I used Diva by MAC.

Step 4: apply lighter choice of lipstick onto the inner edge of your lips
I used Isis by Illamasqua.

Step 5: i then applied a touch of lipgloss on the inner edge of my lips
(where I applied Isis as this will give you a fuller looking lip)

Step 6: I then used a brush to apply concealer on to the edge of my lips
to give it a cleaner and crisper look and finish (optional)

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