Givenchy Beauty

I picked up these Givenchy Beauty products
 on the way back from my trip to Hong Kong. 
Below is a small review on the products
Lotion Preparatrice Jeunesse
First Step Youth Lotion (all skin types)
I use this every night after I’ve removed my make up and showered.
 I use one pump and evenly distribute the product over my face and I’ve noticed my skin
 to tighten and feel a lot softer just from using it for the past fortnight.
Prisme Libre 
Colour 2: Taffetas Beige  
A mattifying and color-correcting loose powder for the face 
combining four shades into one perfect harmony. 
Look at the pretty colours and the loose powder is so soft
Givenchy 3 Step Make Up Palette
I believe this is a Cathay Pacific Duty Free Exclusive. This palette has products for the face, eyes and lips. 
If you can get your hands on this palette then I would say its a must purchase. 
The quality of the beauty products in this palette has now opened the door for me to try all their 
other beauty products. This palette includes a few eyeshadows, powder, blush, lipgloss, mascara & eyeliner.
The eyeshadows are very pigmented

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