Travel Diary Part II

Hey There,
I hope you enjoyed Part I & here is part II.
Flying with my favourite airline Cathay Pacific
Cute train tickets (I know, please ignore my terrible nails)
Vending machine was our first stop after we arrived
Shinsekai Food Street filled with lights
Kuromon Market also known as “Black Door Market” is an amazing seafood market that is open all day till about 5-6pm depending on each shop. We stumbled across this amazing fresh seafood market on our second day and we actually returned everyday before this one specific seared scallop stall closed. *Photo below* At this seafood market there is plenty to see and eat I think it is a must see/go if you’re exploring Osaka. If you are not a seafood fan don’t worry there is also quite a few Kobe  beef butchers where you can actually choose the grade of beef and they cook it for you. Veggo’s there are quite a few traditional salad/side dish stores and also a few yummy soy bean stores where they sell traditional asian soy milk with no added sugar and of course tofu!
Kobo Beef taster plate
Toro (Fatty Tuna Belly)
Baby Octopus
Seared Scallop (Highly recommend you try this)
Melon Pan
Our delicious seafood feast
More vending machine goodies
Trying fruit in Japan (apparently it tastes the best)
We visited Osaka Castle
The scenery was breathtaking 
Kakigori on a beautiful day
Shopping on the famous Shinsaibashi Strip (600m long where you can actually shop till you drop)
One of many Taito Gaming stations
there are skill testers everywhere
The famous yellow carriages  on top of the 

Don Quijote also known as Donkihote a mega duty free 

*A warning if you want tax free you have to pay upfront for the total of your purchases then line up again

 at a Tax free counter. Luckily when I was there it only took me 10 minutes, I had friends visiting a few

weeks back and they had to line up for over an hour.

Cass with love x

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