Photo Diary 34

Kinn Thai at Garden City 
Tom Yum Soup
This was a new addition to the usual we ordered
& I think it will be something we will order every time 
from here on. Definitely a must try!
Duck Curry
Prawn Pad Thai
Our usual weekly girl dates
Brisbane you don’t disappoint with weather most the time
My new Air Max Theas in a B&W graphic print
I cant wait to wear these on my upcoming HK & Osaka trip
(22days and counting)
So… The Doughnut Bar had their pop up van in the Winter Garden
last week… my beautiful friend Alex lined up for 45 minutes and delivered 
this beautiful Malteaser Donut to me at work. Love you!
On route to Sam Smith 
Sam you were amazing. I love you
I tried Bossam for the first time.. 
I think it is one of my new favourite Korean dishes ever
It is Pork belly boiled in spices then thinly slice. The meat was served a different 
type of pickled kimchi (It was alot crunchier than the normal kind) on the side sauce 
plate was garlic, chilli and fermented shrimp. It was also served with some lettuce 
and boiled cabbage.  The way you eat it is to wrap the meat and sauce in a piece of 
the lettuce or cabbage so it kind of looks like a package.
KBBQ with my boo


I also got another delivery at work this week.
Whittakers Fresh Chocolate Milk all the way from New Zealand. 
Apparently it is always sold out and my friend Jason somehow scored two bottles 
and brought it back to Brisbane for me. It is hands down the best chocolate 
milk I’ve ever had.
I purchased my first Aesop Product this week
I got the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm because my hands get super dry 
from work and also the cold weather thats finally arrived.
I don’t know why I didn’t start using their products earlier cause I’m already loving 
this product after using it for a few days.

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