Photo Diary 31

Ventured to Eat Street last Friday. I haven’t been back since the first
 month they opened. The atmosphere is much better now and 
there is a good crowd of people but still plenty of seats available. 
There is a much better range of food so that makes me happy. 
Happy enough to go back the next night for more food haha.
Calimari goodness
Rissotto Balls were super Average
Fish ‘n’ Chips 
Probably one of the best Beer Battered Chips I’ve had + their aioli!
Mega Yakitori
We didn’t get yakisoba but it looked so delicious I had to get a photo
This Fairfloss on a stick was bigger than me
Organic Detox 1L Tea
BBQ Brazilian Style
Tasty Angus Beef, black beans, rice & salad 
Of course I got Oysters
Maple Bacon Croffin (Crossaint+Muffin)
We finished off with a Gaytime Milkybun!
One of my fav things from Eat Street.

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