Photo Diary 29

Top: Cass&Bobo (My online store coming soon), 
Jeans: HK Buy, Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo Jelly Flats.
Handbag: Givenchy Antigona
Moga @ Paddington
It was my first time here and I loved the atmosphere 
and the food and cocktails were yummy too
I do not remember the name of this cocktail but…
I would highly recommend it.
They also have a Japanese beer named Suntori
I am not a big beer drinker but it was probably one of the 
best beers I’ve tasted. Apparently they’re getting it on tap soon
so its meant to taste even better.
Camembert Cheese KatsuCamembert cheese delicately coated with Japanese bread crumbs, 
lightly fried with zucchini, spiced bbq dipping sauce 
(I wish there was four pieces!)
Wagyu-tatakiThinly sliced lightly grilled rare Wagyu (MB6 grade),
  grated  daikon/white radish, Japanese chilli pepper 
Oysters Three WaysSmokey Bay oysters (from SA) 
with house made jelly, Yuzu Jelly, Plum Jelly, Ponzu Jelly 
Mobo Roll
grilled almonds and cheese, teriyaki salmon, 
oshinko, cucumber, mayonnaise 
Moga Roll
flamed salmon with Hokkaido scallops, mayo,
 grilled teriyaki, fried shallots
Sweet marinated duck breast and roll this with beni shoga, 
cucumber and mayo. The sushi roll is then delicately 
wrapped with wilted lettuce and glazed with a teriyaki duck sauce
(If you want to try something different than I would definitely 
recommend this roll. It’s like nothing I’ve every tasted)
We sat outdoors but they actually have a Sushitrain inside as well.
Look how cute their decor is!
Walked by a cute little Nursery on the way to lunch
Speaking of Japanese Cuisine
Taro’s has a new location @ Ascot!
Look at my yummy lunch from earlier in the week
We had the usual Shio Ramen, Gyoza, Tako Yaki & I tried their new 
Vegetarian dry ramen (It was so freaken good. 
I think its going to be my summer option)
I found the service to be a lot quicker and friendlier at this store.

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