Photo Diary 28

Blouse & Shorts: Target (Both Linen), 
Belt: HK Purchase, Shoes: Tony Bianco 
Sake on Eagle St
This night we said “see you soon” to a friend 
thats moving overseas for work.
Japanese Rose
Towakura Shochu, Peach & Lychee liqueur, cranberry & fresh lime 
Wagyu New-Style
ginger, chives, yuzu soy 
Sashimi Taco’s 
Tuna & Salmon, chilled tomato salsa, kozaemon junmai ‘sake shots’ 
One of my favs here and a must try!
S Express
Scallops, spicy mayo. cucumber. seared salmon
Spider Maki
Soft-shell crab, cucumber, mayo, tobiko, chives 
Seaweed Salad
with Bonito infused vinaigrette 
Ocean Barramundi 
butter soy. sweet ponzu, buckwheat & tomato salad 
Yellowfin Tuna 
edamame, alapeño purée. shiitake, asparagus. nori dressing 
Wagyu Cheek 
apple & soy jus, bean sprouts 
We finished off at MB
Strawberry & Cream Crepe
p.s The next couple of posts are all food related because I’ve been 
very spoilt lately and had the chance to eat lots of yummy food!

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