Photo Diary 21: Suitcase Rummage

Top: Zara, Jeans: Supre, Shoes: Zara
They got my name right at Starbucks…WHAT… 
I knew today was going to be a good day
I helped Zozo @ Suitcase Rummage this weekend and
It is the first one I’ve been to believe it or not. 
If you have never been before basically you pay $27.50 and you are assigned 
an area usually about a picnic rug size. You can sell anything and everything
but the spin is that you can only sell out of suits cases (no racks) 
So everything is laid out on the floor or still in suitcases and people pick through it.
It is held every 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month between 12-5pm. I think the concept
 was really cool and very well organised. The only thing is you can get terribly 
sunburnt so I would recommend lathering up on sunscreen whether you’re selling or buying. 
But lucky enough I chose to wear all white and was pretty covered 
up throughout the day in a Tee & Jeans plus our little spot wasn’t directly in the sun.
It was crazy seeing how much things were being sold for
@ 12-1pm things were selling from anywhere between $3-$15 
depending on the item/stall but once it hit 3-4pm everyones prices dropped like flies!
When we started selling at $1-$2 I thought that was going to be the lowest we would 
go but, our neighbour store started yelling everything 5cents/10cents.
We matched her at 10cents in the last 30minutes!
It was a successful day & I would recommend everyone do it!
Grab a friend and make some money. It was very fun and surprisingly 5hours 
passes very quickly. Why not give your unwanted clothes a new home
I am already going to start a pile of clothes I don’t wear anymore & hopefully
 they will find a new home @ the next rummage.
Sorellina @ Woolloongabba for dinner
I had been told about this little joint for a while now and finally got to try it. 
It was delicious and the pricing was pretty reasonable 
and the food came out quickly which is awesome.
Rocket/roasted grapes/pecorino/fried almonds 
Tomato Based: anchovy/mozzarella/olives/basil 
Plain Base: mushrooms/mozzarella/parmesan 
We were surprised how yummy this pizza was without the tomato base
You can really taste the mushroom & cheese without having the usual sauce 
base covering the flavours. I say it is a must try!
Then later that night the girls and I decided to go out
spontaneous nights out are the best ones right?

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