Canon A51000 Unboxed

YAY new camera !
I got the SONY A5100 from DigiDirect in Brisbane CBD.
I had a lovely gentleman named Doy help me go through pretty much their 
whole range of the “more affordable” cameras. If you are in need of a new camera 
I would definitely recommend you going there. Not only were all the staff
super friendly and helpful you could tell that they were all camera enthusiast 
and actually wanted to help you find a camera that suits you. 
It is one of the lightest interchangeable lens cameras around
and I am loving it. Its so easy to use and also very compact 
for me to keep in my handbag. It is my first camera that has
WIFI! Whoever invented it is a genius! I no longer have to plug 
my camera into my Mac. All I have to do is connect via Wifi and Voila! 
All my images are either transferred onto my iphone or mac
The 3inch LCD screen flips up 180deg 
perfect for selfies 🙂
It also comes with all different charging adaptors 
so I’m all set for my oversea trips 
I’m already thinking about what lens 
I should buy next…

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