Photo Diary 11

Dress: Dion Lee, Belt: Cass&Bobo (my online boutique coming soon), 
Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Prada
I caught up with friends for dinner at 
KINN Thai Restaurant @ Garden City.
I highly recommend this place. My gf grew up 
in Thailand and she said that all the dishes we
had were very authentic & and tasty!
Yummy Thai Milk Tea
I have to squeeze in these happy snaps of bubba Eleanor
Crispy Whole Barramundi
Massamun Beef Curry
We also had the Crying Tiger Salad which was amazing- 
it was the first dish to arrive and we devoured 
it before I could take a photo…
& of course we ordered Pad Thai
All the dishes we had were delicious but I’ll 
definitely be back to try the rest. I’m so glad 
theres a good Thai restaurant in myneighbourhood
Strawberry Cheesecake @ Starbucks
I was so excited to finally try this and I’ve got 
to say I would’ve rather had my Strawberry Sundae 
from McDonald’s then crushed biscuit crumbs on the top. 
 Stocked up on one of my favourite lollies
 Haribo: Gummy Bears!!
Dress: ASOS, Bag: Prada, Shoes: Country Road, Lipstick: NYX
Wearing my fav NYX product
Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo
Kim Chi Beef Yakiniku
Vegetable Croquette

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