Hi there, I’m Cassie :)

Hi there, I’m Cassie 🙂
This blog will be strung together with bits of typing & as much colourful pictures 
than all the monochrome I wear.
I’m really bad with putting words together so bear with me. 
I’m starting this blog to keep a digital copy of my life events, love for fashion & beauty, 
food consumption and travelling.
 I would love if you went on this journey with me.

Wed 7, Jan

I finally went to see “Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion” at GOMA
I loved the exhibition but I wish it was bigger and 
I was so disappointed when I found out we weren’t allowed to photograph inside. 😦

Sorry! I wish there was photos from the exhibition too.
Dont worry, there is something more exciting coming up!

Yayoi Kusama: The Obliteration Room 
 I’m pretty sure I was more ecstatic than all the children that were visiting the showcase
with their parents on their school holidays.

Dress: Cass&Bobo (my online boutique coming soon), Top: Kookai, 
Skirt: Supre, Bag: Mansur Gavriel, Shoes: Converse, Camera Fujifilm x10

 I also visited the Queensland Museum after GOMA.
I can’t remember the name of this display. 
I loved how each individual piece hung separately, 
the fact that it was black (of course) & the chalky texture you get from
 buying packets of balloons. They put flour in it so the balloons don’t stick together right?

You’ll have to get use to me biting into my food before I remember to get a picture of it…
My favourite day during the week was Wednesdays because it mean’t I could get my 
favourite breakfast @ Jan Power Markets.
Smoke Salmon, Cream Cheese, Rocket, Red Onion on a freshly toasted Jalepeno Bagel!
But, I recently found out my favourite Bagel boys now have a store on Adelaide St.
 That means bagels any day of the week!
They also have Jalepeno Cream Cheese filling now.

 That night I had dinner at one of my favourite places- Verve Cafe 
with my close friend Zoe- You will be seeing her in many of my posts

 I thought I got a picture of my dinner but I didn’t… I think I was too excited and hungry and
 forgot to take a picture! anyway, it was the Rocket Salad with a bowl of chips drizzled 
with Balsamic Vinegar & BBQ Sauce!

After dinner we took a romantic stroll from the city to Southbank & got Max Brennar.


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